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Every journey ends with a memory.

The Wizard Express

Wands at the ready to join the VIP magic . . .

August 15th, 16th & 22nd

The Wizard Express

Wands at the ready as you board our VIP Wizard Express - be sure to dress to impress! BOOK BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

Leave the humdrum world behind as you fly on board our Wizard Express leaving from Platform 92/4. Travelling along the enchanted Severn Valley, you will attend mystical lessons of wizardry at The Engine House. From magical characters to spellbinding activities, the fun and amazement is non-stop for all young budding wizards!

After collecting your wax-sealed invitation to Wizard School at Kidderminster, you and your family will board the Wizard Express; tasty treats await on board, before our Magicians amaze you with unbelievable acts of the unknown right in front of your eyes.

On arrival at Highley, you will be greeted by a figure of GIANT proportions who will escort you to The Engine House, where the Wizard School's finest Scholars will be ready to meet you.

Once inside, can you complete the masterclasses of trickery; Broomstick Training, Wand Making and Greenhouse Herbology? If you're successful, don't forget to pick up your graduation certificate!

And finally, anything from the trolley dears? Cameras at the ready as familiar faces join you for the journey! We've also got some umissable photo opportunities along the line that'll make all your friends VERY jealous...

The Wizard Express
Train 1
Train 2
Train 3
August 15th
August 16th
11.00am 1.40pm 4.20pm
August 22nd
11.00am 1.40pm 4.20pm

Your ticket includes:

  • Guaranteed seating on The Wizard Express from Kidderminster to Highley on a table of four or shared table of 2 - an exclusive VIP service. 
  • Take part in three magical activities.
  • Photo opportunities.
  • 'Freedom of the Line' tickets to travel on public services before or after the experience to get you back to your starting station. 

The Wizard Express is a Family Fun event suitable for children aged 4 - 15 years.

Fares for this event Table of 4
Shared table of 2
(4.20pm departures only)
Booking fee
£100.00 £60.00 £1.75 per booking
Other information

Annual Family Pass: NOT VALID. Children: 0 - 15 years
The number of people seated at the table must not exceed what is booked.
You must travel on the date and at the train time you have booked. Should you miss your departure time we will NOT be able to accommodate you on another train.
Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate wheelchair users on The Wizard Express.           
Once you have booked your tickets, amendments will not be accepted.
Dogs (assistance dogs excepted) are NOT permitted on any of our Wizard Expresses.
All pre-booked tickets are subject to a £1.75 booking fee.
These tickets include FREE admission to The Engine House, our Visitor Centre at Highley.

For fully grown Wizards, why not board The Wizard Express Afternoon Tea?

Departing from Platform 92/4, you'll be served a selection of every wizard's favourite treats whilst you travel through the enchanted Severn Valley. Do you dare take a swig of the magical potion?

Our Stations are dressed for the occasion, and your mystical carriage awaits, themed with decorations and the very best vintage crockery. Be sure to dress to impress!

Afternoon Tea CANNOT be combined with The Wizard Express on the same departure. The Afternoon Tea MUST be purchased on a separate train.

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