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Every journey ends with a memory.


The ideal way to spend more than a day!

Flexi-Rovers - the ideal way to spend more than a day!

Choose any period of no more than 7 days when our train service is operating. With Flexi-Rovers you can decide on the number of days that you would like to travel within a selected period. For every day that you add, the fare that you pay, per day, becomes cheaper and cheaper!

Firstly, select the number of adult(s) and children(s) tickets that you require. Please note that no other ticket options are available and that children under 4 travel free.

Then, select a date range from the calendar view below. Flexi-Rovers CANNOT be used on dates marked with a Invalid Date because revised fares apply or because the Railway is not operating.

Finally, select the number of Flexi-Rover days you require from the drop down menu. The dates on which your Flexi-Rovers can be used, will be highlighted in yellow on the calendar and listed beneath.

Once you are happy with your selection, proceed to your Shopping Basket and Checkout as usual.

Step 1 - Choose how many tickets you require

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