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Diesel locomotive roster - updated 15th October 2019

The loco roster - which engine is on which train . . .

Diesel locomotive roster Winter 2019

Diesel locomotive operating dates Oct-Dec 2019

We expect that the locomotives shown in the file will be in use on the dates indicated.

Please note that for operational reasons this plan is subject to change at short notice, and in some circumstances the planned Diesel may be replaced by a steam loco. This applies particularly in the 'steam-heat' season, as most of our Diesels are not equipped for this.

The DMU is unfortunately unavailable until further notice.

Click here to download Winter 2019 file

[file updated 15th October 2019;  shows loco allocations Oct-Dec 2019]

Please note:  these files show what was planned at the above date, and will not always be kept up-to-date; as far as possible any changes will be shown on the weekly  "Locos in use" pages.
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