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Every journey ends with a memory.

Unmissable art exhibition this summer!

Unmissable art exhibition this summer!

As part of the Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival, black and white photographic documentary artist, Kathryn O’Connor, is running an exhibition in Bridgnorth Refreshment Room from August 16th-30th.

Over the last few weeks, Kathryn has been photographing 100 individual people currently working in Bridgnorth, in as many diverse workplaces as possible - including on the Station. All participants have completed a short work history questionnaire, by hand, and collecting a sample of their handwriting in the process. All 100 portraits and 100 questionnaires will be given to Shropshire Archives for posterity and future public research.

25 out of the 100 portraits and questionnaires will be picked at random, forming the exhibition in our new Refreshment Room. Pre-orders for a commemorative A4 softback book can be made, which will include the 100 portraits and 100 questionnaires.

Kathryn said; "I have a strong desire to document real people, in their everyday working lives. As we all spend so much of our lives working – I feel it should be seen and celebrated, as well as being recorded for our history. I also hope to document people who aren’t always seen in photographic history; inc. mixed abilities, all ethnicities, and the ability these days for anyone (male or female) to do any job they wish. I want to record people’s handwriting, as I feel we are all writing less and less by hand – I guess I want to show and preserve our uniqueness in it. Above all, I want to strengthen our bond with each other and Bridgnorth."

As well as photographing a number of different subjects, Kathy also decorated statue no. 3 of the Catch Me Who Can Bridgnorth Art Trail last year.

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