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Behind the scenes at Bridgnorth

Behind the scenes at Bridgnorth

With no trains running for six weeks, there's lots to do at Bridgnorth to prepare our engines for a new season:
  • Annual mechanical examinations on most of the running fleet locomotives. Each day that a loco is used, the driver inspects it as part of his daily preparation. At each boiler washout (normally after 30 steamings), the loco has a more thorough examination (sometimes referred to as a ‘W-exam’) carried out by an experienced member of the workforce. And then annually, it has a very thorough examination (a bit like a car MOT test), which includes items such as wheelset tyre measurements, examination of axlebox lubrication systems and the clearances of coupling rods on the crankpins which are checked to ensure they are within documented tolerances.
  • Annual boiler insurance inspections on locomotives 75069, 43106, 7714, 1450 and 6960 are due to be carried out by external insurance inspectors. This necessitates the boilers being drained and washed out, with all of the washout plugs and mud-hole doors removed for a cold exam, followed by an in-steam inspection.
  • Pressure and vacuum gauges are removed for annual calibration testing and adjustment where necessary.
  • Completion of valve & piston exam/overhaul on 1501. This also includes work on the rods & motion, such as new side rod bushes.
  • Remediation work to address any reported faults or issues with individual locomotive (items reported by drivers during daily inspections or found during W-exams). In particular any faults which have been deferred pending a longer window of opportunity in which a repair can be carried out.
  • Deep-cleaning of some of the less accessible parts of locomotives, underneath and in-between the frames.
Steam trains return on February 15th, and you can take a look behind the scenes for yourself at Open House Weekend on May 2nd & 3rd.

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