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How long are you going to be closed for?
We are closed until, at least, the end of May 2020 and will continue to follow Government and Public Health England advice. Please keep checking our website and social media for further updates.

Where can I hear the latest updates regarding re-opening?
Go to, or follow us on social media.

Can I visit the Railway?
The wellbeing of our visitors, staff and volunteers is our absolute priority and matters of health and safety have our complete attention. The Engine House, all Stations, Booking Offices, Refreshment Rooms, Pubs and Gift Shops will remain closed until further notice in line with Government guidelines. We strongly advise not visiting during this time.

Can I phone the Offices?
In line with Government guidance, most staff are working from home and phone lines are now shut. If you have a query, please email

I have pre-booked tickets to visit the Railway. What should I do?
We’re a not-for-profit business. We rely heavily on donations through our Charitable Trust and of course ticket bookings in order to operate. With this in mind, we would strongly recommend and ask you to consider moving your booking to later in the 2020 season where possible. Your ‘Freedom of the Line’ ticket will still be valid for our season which runs to November 22nd 2020.

Can I still purchase tickets for future dates?
Yes!  You can book Freedom-of-the-Line tickets (valid until November 22nd 2020) and tickets for events including our Step back to the 1940s weekends, and both the Autumn Steam and Diesel Galas.  Make your booking at

I'm planning on coming to an event, will it still go ahead?
All events due to take place at the Railway between now and the end of May have been cancelled. Ticket holders will be contacted by email. We know this will be disappointing and we're deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused. We hope you will understand that as a socially responsible organisation, the safety of our visitors, volunteers and paid staff is the most important thing to us.

I’m a Loyalty Pass holder, will my pass be extended due to the closure?
The revenue from Loyalty Passes plays an important part in helping to keep the Railway running. Depending on when the Railway reopens for the 2020 season, we will extend Loyalty Passes for the period of non-operation. This also applies to any Annual Family Passes issued last year which have not yet expired. We are still selling Loyalty Passes - a good way for you to give the SVR some much-needed income right now!! The validity period of these starts when we reopen the Railway, so you won't lose out by buying one now!  Details may be found here.

I’ve booked an Experience - what should I do?
It would help us a great deal if you could consider moving your booking to later in the 2020 season where possible. If you have booked a dining experience or footplate experience between now and the end of May 2020, we will contact you to offer a change of date.

We plan to visit as a group, coach operator or school. Who do we contact for any queries?
Please use the contact details below:

How is the SVR going to survive this crisis?
With your help, we hope! We've launched an emergency appeal for your urgent support.  Hundreds of people have already responded and are helping us on the first steps to surviving this extremely difficult period.


Aren’t there Government schemes available to help businesses at this time?
We rely heavily on our 1,700 volunteers, many of whom are over 70. Most are now unable to attend. We are also reliant on paid staff, and have released as many as possible on furlough.  The Government will pay up to 80% of their salaries until 31st May. We will still be left with essential staff costs to maintain the Railway and to fundraise during the closure. We will also have to contribute towards the pay of those temporarily sent home. During this time, we will have zero visitor income. Some funding is available, such as a business rates holiday, but it won’t be enough to cover our costs. In addition, the Government is making loans available. Whilst this may sound appealing at first, it would involve a long-term debt that we want to avoid if possible.

I have a different enquiry, who do I contact?
As you can appreciate our Visitor Services team is currently extremely busy. If you have a booking for the upcoming 2020 season, please ensure you have your booking reference ready before emailing

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