£250,000 emergency boost from The National Lottery Heritage Fund - Severn Valley Railway
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£250,000 emergency boost from The National Lottery Heritage Fund

£250,000 emergency boost from The National Lottery Heritage Fund

In July, the Severn Valley Railway heard that its application for emergency COVID-19 funding from The National Lottery Heritage Fund had been successful! The Railway received a payment for £250,000, the maximum amount available under this scheme.

General manager Helen Smith welcomed the announcement:

“This emergency funding will help us survive in the immediate future as we prepare to launch our reopening services in August. While we’ve been in lockdown closure, we haven’t been able to generate any passenger revenue. In a worst-case scenario we would face a loss of up to £6 million this year.

“This new National Lottery funding, together with our own fundraising, which has now reached a total of £900,000 in the Fight Back Fund, the CBILS loan of £1.5 million and our reopening services in August, all mean the future is looking more positive. We will use this funding to pay staff as they return from furlough. We will also invest in new IT so that more staff can work remotely.

“These measures will ensure we can start to generate some much-needed passenger revenue to offset the potential losses we are facing. I am extremely grateful to the SVR Charitable Trust, who were instrumental in preparing our application to The National Lottery Heritage Fund, and who have played a leading role in our Fight Back Fund appeal.”

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