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Every journey ends with a memory.

Autumn Steam Gala

All-night running, visiting locomotives and so much more!

September 20th - 23rd

Autumn Steam Gala

Our flagship gala in 2018 is planned to be bigger and better than ever, with its famed all-night running, array of visiting locomotives and intensive timetable.

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A great event for all the family; come along and get up close to an array of exciting steam locomotives, and sample a fantastic selection of attractions up and down the line. Pay once then jump on board a comfy carriage for the whole day and prepare to venture back in time! 

A great line-up of visiting locomotives supported by members of the Severn Valley Railway home fleet, alongside a whole host of other special attractions at our famous Autumn Steam Gala. 

Visiting locomotives:

LMS Princess Coronation No. 6233 Duchess of Sutherland
With thanks to the Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust

LMS Royal Scot No. 46100 Royal Scot
With thanks to The Royal Scot Locomotive & General Trust

BR Britannia No. 70000 Britannia
With thanks to The Royal Scot Locomotive & General Trust

LNER Q6 No. 63395

With thanks to the North Eastern Locomotive Preservation Group 

The fantastic selection of visiting locomotives will be supported by members of our home fleet.

Attractions include:

  • Overnight running on Friday and Saturday with No. 7802 Bradley Manor and 'Flying Pig' No. 43106.
  • Autotrains with No. 1450, using one (push-pull) or two coaches (sandwich mode).
  • Early morning walk-on breakfast train from Bridgnorth and Kidderminster on Saturday and Sunday. Additional charge of £12 applies.
  • Severn Valley Limited Dining Train on Sunday.
  • Eardington Halt open for visits from 9am - 6pm (trains will not stop here).
  • Full line and local services to-ing and fro-ing.
  • Paddock Railway and Coalyard Miniature Railway in steam.
  • Step inside The Engine House to see the two new residents: Small Prairie No. 4566 and Pannier Tank No. 5764.
  • Author of Peter's Railway books, Chris Vine, will be in The Engine House from Friday to Sunday to sign books and chat to your young engineers!
  • Gent's Afternoon Tea available to pre-book in Kidderminster Refreshment Room.
  • Taster Footplate Experiences with No. 1450 for £160 - must be purchased in advance.

Locomotive roster:

  • Thursday: 2857, 7714, 6233 Duchess of Sutherland, 63395 + 70000 Britannia.
  • Friday: 1450, 2857, 7714, 6233 Duchess of Sutherland, 34027 Taw Valley, 46100 Royal Scot, 63395 + 70000 Britannia.
  • Saturday: 813, 1450, 2857, 6233 Duchess of Sutherland, 34027 Taw Valley, 46100 Royal Scot, 63395 + 70000 Britannia.
  • Sunday: 813, 1450, 2857, 6233 Duchess of Sutherland, 43106, 46100 Royal Scot, 63395 + 70000 Britannia.

Locomotive directions:

  • Bridgnorth facing: 2857, 46100 Royal Scot, 34027 Taw Valley, 63395.
  • Kidderminster facing: 813, 1450, 1501, 6233 Duchess of Sutherland, 7714, 7802 Bradley Manor, 43106, 70000 Britannia.
All locomotives and attractions are subject to availability.

Unfortunately, BR Standard 4 No. 75069 will not be ready in time to star at the event as planned, and Black 5 No. 45231 is also unavailable to attend.

Revised fares
One-day rover
Pre-book & save
£24.30 £17.50
On the day
Two-day rover

Pre-book & save
On the day
Three-day rover        
Pre-book & save £56.70 £53.10 £38.30 £163.30
On the day £63.00 £59.00 £42.50 £181.50
Four-day rover        
Pre-book & save £72.00 £67.50 £48.70 £208.00
On the day £80.00 £75.00 £54.00 £231.00
Thursday / Sunday Saver

Pre-book & save £24.30 £22.90 £16.20 £69.30
On the day £27.00
Evening Saver        
Pre-book & save £17.90 £17.90 £12.10 -
On the day £20.00 £20.00 £13.50 -
Other information

Annual Family Pass: NOT VALID, Children: 4 - 15 years, Family: 2 adults + 2, 3 or 4 children, Seniors: 60+.
To qualify for 'pre-book & save' prices these tickets must be purchased at least five working days in advance of your visit. Tickets may also be purchased at the same price by calling 01562 757900 (option 1). These tickets include FREE admission to The Engine House, our Visitor Centre at Highley.

All pre-booked tickets are subject to a £1.75 booking fee.
Through tickets to Bridgnorth from National Rail will need to be upgraded at our Booking Offices on payment of the surcharge. 

1-Day Rovers: These are valid from 0001 to 2359 each day, but as a bonus, we also allow travel throughout its single journey of any train running anywhere on the railway at midnight, hence the following!

Thurs: all trains Thursday.
Fri: From the first train Friday until (and including) the 2345 ex-Bridgnorth and 0000 ex-Kidderminster.
Sat: From (and including) Friday’s 2345 ex-Bh and 0000 ex-Kdr until (and including) 2345 ex-Bh and 0000 ex-Kdr.
Sun: From (and including) Saturday’s 2345 ex-Bridgnorth and 0000 ex-Kidder until the end of Sunday’s service.

2, 3 and 4-Day Rovers     Validity is the same as for the Day Rovers for the individual days selected.
Validity of Evening Savers; these are valid on trains operating between 1600 and the 'midnight' trains shown above on the day selected.

The following passes are NOT VALID during the event: Heritage Railway Passes, Staff Passes from BR, LT, Network Rail and Train Operating Companies such as Virgin Trains and Chiltern Railways, SVR Free ticket vouchers for Adult, Child or Family tickets or any discount schemes normally in operation. 
Working Members of other heritage railways in our Reciprocal Travel Scheme pay the SVR member fare. 
Terms & Conditions apply.

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