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Every journey ends with a memory.

Railart 2018

Kidderminster Railway Museum

August 25th - September 30th

Railart 2018

A free exhibition of paintings by the Guild of Railway Artists is back at Kidderminster Railway Museum in 2018. 

The exhibition showcases the beautiful work of top artists such as John Austin, Phil Hawkins, Gerald Broom, Laurence Roche, David French, Michael Flanders, Eric Bottomley, Julie West, David Halliwell and Emma Safe. 

There are 52 paintings on display and nearly all of them will be for sale. They range from watercolours, to acrylics, oils and charcoal and provide a really good mix of painting media, styles and sizes. If you have space on  your wall there will be something for you to choose from! 

This is the 39th year of the Guild of Railway Artists exhibition, and next year we'll be hosting them again, with special plans for their 40th birthday.  Watch this space, but in the meantime come and appreciate what can be done with a paint brush or piece of charcoal!

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