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Every journey ends with a memory.

Steam in Lights

The Severn Valley Lights Express from Bridgnorth!

November 29th - 30th and December 3rd - 7th, 10th - 14th, 17th - 21st & 23rd

Steam in Lights

Steaming from Bridgnorth, join our spectacular illuminated adventure along an enchanting Severn Valley and enjoy a dazzling extravaganza of magical creatures, sparkling lights, snowfall and thrills, from the warmth and comfort of a historic carriage.


The adventure starts at Bridgnorth, where you will follow the illuminated path down to the Station and through the tunnel of lights. On the twinkling platform, The Railwayman’s Arms and the Refreshment Room will be selling hot and cold food and drink.

From the footbridge, the Master of Ceremonies for the night will welcome you and your friends and the story will begin. All eyes will be on the waiting steam locomotive - the countdown ends, the train lights-up with dazzling colour, ready for you to board.

While the engine rumbles out of the station, the narrator will guide you on your quest - to help find the mischievous Christmas Cacklers, hidden at locations along the line.

As your train steams out into the darkness of the Severn Valley, can you help to illuminate the way, transforming stations into glittering displays and trackside landscapes into winter wonderlands as you pass - revealing where the Cacklers are concealed?

Experience the Severn Valley Railway as you've never seen it before...

Steam in Lights
departing from Bridgnorth Station
Weekday departures
November 29th, December 3rd-6th, 10th-13th, 17th-20th and 23rd.
5.00pm from Bridgnorth, returning at 6.15pm. 7.15pm from Bridgnorth, returning at 8.30pm.
Saturday departures
November 30th, December 7th, 14th and 21st.
4.25pm from Bridgnorth, returning at 5.40pm.

November 30th & December 7th only.
6.30pm from Bridgnorth, returning at 7.50pm. 
You will need to arrive at Bridgnorth Station at least 30 minutes before your selected departure time for the start of the illuminated experience.

Important information:
  • Immerse yourself in the experience by wearing neon colours and bringing along a torch (a device that makes light is very important!).
  • You will be seated around tables of four, so you may share with other passengers. Seats cannot be reserved.
  • Wheelchair users MUST reserve a space on the train at the point of booking.
  • Buggies and pushchairs cannot be accommodated on the train, but may be stored securely at the Station.
  • Bridgnorth Station has a restaurant, toilets and pub available to use before your train ride.
  • Father Christmas does not travel on this train.

Fares for this event Adult
(aged 1-15)
Booking fee
All dates
£22.00 £15.00 £1.75 per booking
Terms & Conditions
1. Refunds, changes and exchanges of pre-booked tickets will not be considered. In some circumstances, changes may be accepted, but a £10 admin fee will be applied. 2. The Severn Valley Railway does not guarantee that trains will depart or arrive at a particular time and will not be held liable for any delay to the service or any inconvenience this may cause.
3. If, due to unforeseen circumstances, we cancel your train, we will refund the monies paid by you, including the booking fee. We will NOT be liable for any other costs.
4. If you fail to arrive in time for the departure of your train we WILL NOT refund any monies paid.
5. If you are unable to travel to the SVR as a result of severe weather or illness we DO NOT offer a refund or replacement tickets.
6. We will NOT refund or make allowances for the cost of returning unused tickets to us. It is for you to decide on the most effective way of returning unused tickets and you are required to bear the cost.
7. We will NOT carry forward the face value of any unused tickets from one year to the next.
8. Our staff are NOT empowered to vary these conditions.

Annual Family Pass and Shareholder Vouchers/Tickets NOT VALID. Children: 1 - 15 years. Babies under 12 months travel free of charge but must not take up a seat. Dogs (assistance dogs excepted) are NOT permitted on any of our Christmas Services.

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