GWR Pannier 1501




GWR 1500


33ft 0″


58t 4cwt



GWR 1501 is the sole survivor of its class, a GWR 1500 class 0-6-0PT shunting engine designed by Frederick Hawksworth. Ordered by GWR but out-shopped under BR, 1501 was completed at Swindon in 1949 and is now owned by the 1501 Pannier Tank Association. Unlike other pannier tanks on the SVR, 1501 has outside cylinders and a taper boiler. The locomotive also uses Walschaerts valve gear and has a maximum boiler pressure of 200psi.

The locomotive spent its BR working life hauling rakes of empty coaches in and out of Paddington before the onward march of the modernisation programme led to it being sold in 1961 to the National Coal Board for use at Coventry Colliery, together with 1502 and 1509.

Unfortunately people didn’t have as much disposable income in those days, and when it came to preservation after the locos were made redundant again in 1969, only 1501 was able to be preserved; it arrived on the SVR the following year. The long process of restoration began, and was completed in 1997. 1501 has served the SVR faithfully ever since, with a brief break in service for an overhaul, completed in 2012.

A powerful locomotive despite its stature, 1501 has been nicknamed ‘the raging bull’ by SVR volunteers and has covered approximately 100,000 miles in preservation.

It has been given an extension to its boiler ticket, which now ends on 8th January 2023.

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