LMS Ivatt Class 4 43106




Ivatt Class 4


55ft 11″


59t 2cwt



Another sole survivor of its class, 43106 was built by British Railways in 1951 at Darlington North Road Works. Designed for freight work by H G Ivatt, LMS’s Chief Mechanical Engineer, the class 4s also found work on secondary passenger services. A total of 162 were built and classified as mixed-traffic locomotives, with all but 43106 finding their way to the gas torch.

Owned by the Ivatt Class 4 Group, this 2-6-0 is commonly referred to as the Flying Pig, due to the unusual appearance offered by the high running plate. During main line working life, loco crews also nicknamed them doodlebugs and mucky ducks! A 23 sq ft grate supplies the heat for a 225psi boiler, with Walshaerts valve gear and two outside cylinders providing the motive power for this versatile engine.

43106 entered service in Norfolk, hauling a variety of services, moving through many depots to end its career in the north west, working as anything from station pilot to motive power for rail tours. For one such event, 43106 had the honour of being cleaned by the Master Neverers Association, a group of photographers who set out to record the last days of steam on BR; on another, the locomotive became the last engine to use Beattock turntable. Finally, a derailment in 1968 led to 43106 being withdrawn after just over 17 years of service.

Mere months after withdrawal from BR service, 43106 arrived under its own steam at the SVR, working the prestigious services on the official opening day in May 1970. Since then, the Flying Pig has continued in regular service at the SVR with occasional breaks for overhauls. In 2009, 43106 triumphantly returned from overhaul, only to derail less than a week later. However, thanks to some quick work and the loan of 46512’s axles from the Strathspey Railway, 43106 was very swiftly back in service.

43106 has had moments in the spotlight as part of the Rail 150 celebrations at Shildon, Rocket 150 at Rainhill rail tours, and a visit to Barrow Hill where it became the first Ivatt class 4 to appear at the Roundhouse in 50 years.

Since arriving at the SVR in 1968, The Flying Pig has covered well in excess of 120,000 miles in preservation.

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