Locomotive Roster

Find out which locomotives are running in the next seven days, by following the locomotive roster below. Are you looking out for a specific locomotive or would you like to find more about the locomotive you’re travelling behind, all the info is here! 

Meet our diesel locomotives

What’s running this week? 

updated 30/6/22

Please be aware that in addition to the trains shown below, empty stock moves, engineering trains and private charters may be running, especially on days specified as “no public service”.

Thursday 30th June 2022
AN1     D9551 [D] / 20048 [D] 1435 onwards
AS1      1501
AS2      D1062 [D]

Friday 1st July 2022
AN1       D9551 31466 am  and  pm  [D]
AS1      1501
AS2      D1062 [D]

Saturday 2nd July 2022
CN1     7714
CS1      D1062 [D]
CS2      2857
CS3      D1015 [D]

Sunday 3rd July 2022
BN1     7714
BS1      2857
BS2      D1062 [D]

Monday 4th July 2022
No public service
Diesel FE         D1062

Tuesday 5th July 2022
No public service
Diesel FE         D1062

Wednesday 6th July 2022
AN1     20048 [D]
AS1      1501
AS2      D1015 ## [D]

Thursday 7th July 2022
AN1     20048 [D]
AS1      1501
AS2      D1015 ## [D]

Friday 8th July 2022
AN1     20048 [D]
AS1      1501
AS2      D1015 ## [D]

## turn allocated to Diesel Traction Group;  D821 might be used instead.


Please be aware that changes to this plan are always possible, sometimes at short notice;
although we will try to post any corrections here, we cannot guarantee to do so in every case.

note — [D] – Diesel loco.
FE  – Footplate Experience

/  indicates a loco change during the day.
+ indicates Double-heading of locos.

CN1 — first letter shows table in use —  C in this example
N means Bridgnorth start [North];   S means Kidderminster start [South]
1, 2, 3 means 1st, 2nd or 3rd departure

For details of times etc, see https://www.svrlive.com/operations

Locomotive Roster

Steam Locomotives normally available for use [correct to Thursday 30th June 2022]

Locomotive NumberWhich way is it facing?Current status
813Bridgnorthundergoing major repairs - broken casting under cab floor..
1501Kidderminsteravailable for traffic [broken spring replaced]
2857Kidderminsteravailable for traffic
2999 Lady of LegendKidderminsteravailable for traffic
4930 Hagley HallBridgnorthFirst test runs light engine Bh-H Loade 22nd June 2022.
7714Bridgnorthavailable for traffic
70 Elizabeth II
[34027 Taw Valley]
Bridgnorthavailable for traffic
43106Kidderminsteravailable for traffic
75069Kidderminsteravailable for traffic [washout 30/6]
71516 'Welsh Guardsman'Bridgnorthstored unserviceable; needs new cylinder block.

SVR -Diesel Roster June-September 2022

June V15 + July-Sept V3    updated 15th June 2022

nb – subject to change; although we will endeavour to report changes on the website,
we cannot guarantee to be able to do so in all cases!